LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,I-PEX cable

LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,I-PEX cable

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I-PEX CABLINE-CA connector ,I-

I-PEX CABLINE-VS connector,I-P

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Dai-ichi Seiko I-PEX CABLINE-SS-20374-20380

Dai-ichi Seiko I-PEX CABLINE-SS-20374-20380
Product name:Dai-ichi Seiko I-PEX CABLINE-SS-20374-20380
Item:I-PEX CABLINE SS-20374-20380

Dai-ichi Seiko I-PEX CABLINE®-SS connectors

I-PEX Micro Coax / Micro Coaxial cable connector CABLINE-SS
0.4mm Pitch Right Angle Stacking type
Mating Height : 1.85mm
Slim Micro Coax connector going through small hinge hole after cabling.
"W-Point" contact with High mating reliability.

Mating parts Cable Cable PCB Cable
Plug Plug Receptacle Plug for Cable Assy
Housing Metal cover - -
Prefix number 20373 2182 20374 20380
Recommend part no. 20373-R10T-06 2182-010-03 20374-R10E-31 20380-R10T-06
20373-R14T-06 2182-014-03 20374-R14E-31 20380-R14T-06
20373-R20T-06 2182-020-03 20374-R20E-31 20380-R20T-06
20373-R30T-06 2182-030-03 20374-R30E-31 20380-R30T-06
20373-R32T-06 2182-032-03 20374-R32E-31 20380-R32T-06
20373-R35T-06 2182-035-03 20374-R35E-31 20380-R35T-06
20373-R40T-06 2182-040-04 20374-R40E-31 20380-R40T-16
20373-R50T-06 2182-050-04 20374-R50E-31 20380-R50T-16

Dai-ichi Seiko I-PEX CABLINE-SS
Dai-ichi Seiko I-PEX CABLINE®-SS connectors is 0.5mm Pitch Horizontal type Micro Coax connector,High level EMI 20373-R10T-06,20373-R14T-06,20373-R20T-06,20373-R30T-06
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MCC cable, MCX cable, Micro Coax connector, micro-coax cable assembly, SGC cable, SGC connector.20373-R10T-06,2182-010-03,20374-R10E-31,20380-R10T-06

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