LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

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What is SGC cable?

Author:SGC Date:2013/4/2 0:37:39

What is SGC?
LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable

“SGC” in today’s language simply means “small gauge coax”,SGC cable.  However, in years past it was used by some engineers in the RF industry to describe “shielded grounded cable”.   The acronym is used to describe a range of wire gauges that are of a micro coaxial cable construction.   Coaxial cable involves the use of a wire (center conductor) that has either an extruded insulator over it or taped insulator over it (sometimes referred to as a “dialectric” material), a braided wire shield over that insulator  and then an outer jacket.    Another acronym used to describe the smaller wire gauges of SGC is “MCX” which means “micro-coaxial”.  Micro-coaxial cable is usually termed as such when wire gauges are in the 28-44AWG, generally.  Wires of that size are about the thickness of a human hair.    “Micro-coax” and “small gauge coax” are often used to describe the same coaxial cable or connector.

,I-PEX cable,IPEX cables,Custom cable,LCD cable

MCT is a professional cable manufacturer, dedicating to SGC, Small Gauge Coaxial

,MCX, micro-Coaxial LVDS cable, harness, wiring harness as well as providing manufacturing service on other wiring harness as well as other cable kits for LCD TV, power supply, Board to Board as well as other cable kits production, we provide the customization on the cable kits for our clients. MCX cables,twin coax cable,oem cables
So far, most of our cable kits was used in LCD products or LCD products related, like: laptop, LCD monitor, LCD AD player, Notebook, IPCs, Digital camera, PDA, LCD TV, GPS, we are concentrating our time and energy to provide high efficient, reliable and supreme quality signal transfer solution to our client.

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