LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

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eDP-Embedded Display Port-LVDS 2.0 LCD controllers and usage

Author:eDP Date:2013/4/17 4:00:08

eDP cable-Embedded Display Port-"LVDS 2.0" LCD controllers and usage,eDP connector

If you have ever heard of LCD panels with eDP-embedded Displayport- instead of LVDS, you would be either a) drooling over the specs sheet, or b) spending weeks on the interweb trying to find any useful documentations on it...or both.

LVDS is annoying in several ways. First, you need to find a LCD controller board SPECIFIC for a particular lcd panels, and even then you are limited to 1080p-call me spoiled. Good thing is that there is this new interface for LCD panels, embedded displayport that can support higher resolution, greater modularity, and simply allows for much more compact build than the traditional LVDS LCD panels& controller combo. Well, there is only one down side to it: it is brand spanking new and there's only a handful documentations and devices that support it.

I discovered eDP when I was reading the spec sheet for the LCD of iPad retina display. At first it seemed too good to be true.

1. Although not confirmed, eDP is basically a displayport interface with more pins and compact form. There was an intel documentation on this where they experimented eDP LCD with a custom built eDP to displayport cable. Documentation for Intel Core drive-ability of eDP see page 31, Documentation on physically driving eDP with Intel CPUs and a custom cable A DIY forum post for an ongoing experiment with eDP:  TL;DR, to me just being able to drive LCD panels straight from motherboard with a displayport cable is too good to be true, and I have absolutely no idea how they would achieve it. Still, if anyone played with eDP and can confirm this, please do so.

2. Touch over eDP AUX. I've read this article which showcases how they've integrated touch signal to the eDP AUX.

I would like to know if anyone played around with eDP or care to share more information on it.

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