LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

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eDP-Embedded Display Port-LVDS

I-PEX CABLINE-CA connector ,I-

I-PEX CABLINE-VS connector,I-P

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Pri

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About Us

Micro-coaxial Technology have been a professional cable manufacturer for 15 years,provide a variety of cables assemblies and wire harnesses services for the leading electronics,automotive,medical and special application product manufacturers. Our large range of customized cable assemblies goes from the simple strand,SGC cable,I-PEX cable,coaxial transmission lines,Ribbon Cables to round cables,USB and power supply cables as well as specially adapted cable sets for LCD displays,LCD inverter cables,LVDS- and PanelLink.

We have our own factory in China for manufacturing Signal Cord,Computer cables and Adapter to USB and Firewire cables,LVDS cable,LCD cable,IDC Flat cables,Wire Harness,Cable Assemblies,connectors,Computer Peripherals,Flat Cable, also in LCD Harness,LCD cable,display cable,LVDS,Panel Link,LCD adapter,PCB connector,coaxial cable,inverter cable,JAE Connector,Power Cable,Communication Cable,IDC cable,Computer Cable,Cable Connector,I-PEX cable,Flat Ribbon Cable,HDMI Cable,RCA Cable,ICT Cable,USB Cable,Wiring Harness,Pin Header,IDC Box Header,LVDS KABEL,LVDS KABLO MONTAJ,LVDS PER CAVO,Wire to Board Connector,Cable assembly,PCB Connector,FPC/FFC Connector,IDC Housing,LED Harnesses,TTL cable,DVI cable,Data cable etc.
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ACES 88441,ACES 91209,SUR,XSR cable,I-PEX 20525 CABLE,I-PEX 20474 CABLE

Therefore we are competent to provide total solution for all demands of cable accessory which customer requested.
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