LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

LVDS cable,eDP cables,SGC cable,LCD cable

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LVDS & CML Solutions

Author:Ti Date:2013-3-31 1:33:49

LVDS & CML Solutions

LVDS Owner's Manual

Industry-leading Low Voltage Differential Signaling (LVDS, TIA/EIA-644A standard) and Current Mode Logic (CML) solutions from Texas Instruments deliver Gigabits @ milliwatts and include signal conditioners, crosspoint switches & multiplexers, and 1:n and n-to-n buffers. LVDS was invented by TI in the early 1990s.

TI is renown for its comprehensive LVDS & CML design resources including the LVDS Owner's Manual and LVDS Application and Data Handbook.

TI's lated signal conditioners with de-emphasis and equalizers boost signals 2x to 3x the reach at ½ the power of other solutions for applications such as PCI Express (PCIe), 10G Ethernet, SAS/SATA, and InfiniBand.


LVDS Functions - Quick Selections

Crosspoints Switches Line Drivers, Receivers, Transceivers MUX-Buffers, Distribution Buffers/Repeaters/ Translators Equalizers & Redrivers PECL PHYs Other LVDS Functions


LVDS & CML Products



LVDS & CML Design Guides

LVDS & CML App Notes

LVDS & CML Videos



Industry Standards (external links)

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TI E2E Community

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